Sewing Lexicon


The casting point is a technique that allows you to build a garment temporarily, to check that everything is correct in the measures and proportions. We build after pinning and before making the final sewing.


It is a strip of fabric cut in the slant of the fabric, which gives it a greater elasticity.Cut at an angle The fabric is cut at 45 ° to the weft yarn.


Take the tip of the scissors and make small cuts on the edge of the fabric, in the seam margins. This gives a nice finish to the seams once returned to the place. 

Straight-Thread & Tissue sense

This is the sense of the edge. Cut the fabric in the right thread to prevent it from being deformed. The straight line is indifferently the direction of the chain (length of the fabric, direction of the edge) or the weft (width of the fabric, perpendicular to the selvedge). Tissue is usually cut in the straight line corresponding to the direction of the border.

Sewing margin (or seam value

A margin of 0.5 cm or 1 cm is added for sewing. This corresponds to the part between the seam and the raw edge of the fabric.


Make large dots before along a piece of fabric, then pull the threads to pleat the fabric regularly.


It is a pointed quilted fold, used to bend a garment.


Sewing by machine or by hand.